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Container Handling Equipment

Trewhella was founded in 1887 by two brothers who emigrated to Victoria State, Australia during the goldrush. It is now one the leading suppliers of container handling equipment. Our name comes from Cornwall, where the Trewhella brothers had worked as engineers in the tin mines.

Having made some money, they bought some land and settled down, only to discover that the property was covered with Blue gum (Eucalyptus) trees and that digging them up was hard work. They invented the first Trewhella 'Monkey' jack to push the trees over, and then set up an engineering works and foundry to make and sell them.

In 1908, the son of one of them, having served his apprenticeship with the firm, was sent back to England to sell their products. He stayed, and set up the English branch of the business which continues to this day.

We are a manufacturing company, and proud of it. All our products are designed by ourselves and built in our own factory. We specialise in container handling equipment such as container castors, bogies and jacks. This means that we control everything in house, assuring well designed and reliable products.

For British users we can offer a repair and re-conditioning service, as well as being able to re-certify items to the appropriate Health and Safety Executive specifications. This is one reason we have become the number one choice for many clients looking for container handling equipment.

For our extensive export markets, yes, we have even sent goods to Antarctica, we supply almost all spares for our products from stock.

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Container Handling Equipment - Castors, Jacks and Bogies